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Could Social Security Bail You Out If a Recession Hits in 2023?

Will a recession hit in 2023? That’s a question on a lot of people’s minds right now. The Federal Reserve has been raising interest rates for months in an attempt to slow the pace of inflation. But its interest-rate policies could fuel a major pullback in consumer spending as borrowing becomes


3 Ways Saving for Retirement Could Help Your Finances Today

Saving for retirement is usually seen as a form of delayed gratification. You choose not to spend some of your money now in exchange for more money when you retire. But that’s an overly simplistic way of looking at things. While you won’t realize the full benefit of saving for retirement until you


3 Essential Rules for Managing Your Money During Retirement

You may end up having a few different income sources at your disposal in retirement, including a monthly benefit from Social Security and a nest egg you worked hard to build. In fact, ideally, the latter will be a larger income source for you than the former. But even if you have a few different


3 Social Security Changes in 2023 That Will Impact Millions of Americans Who Aren’t Retired Yet

Around 48 million retirees currently receive Social Security checks each month. But there are many more who will be following in their footsteps over the next several years. It’s wise, therefore, for individuals who are still working to pay attention to major developments in the federal program.


1 Social Security Move That Could Make or Break Your Retirement

A whopping 85% of retired Americans say they rely on Social Security benefits, according to a recent survey by The Motley Fool. Of that group, 40% say they depend completely on their monthly checks in retirement. Because Social Security makes up a considerable amount of income for many older


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