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Alex Baron


This Retirement Savings Plan Is Off the Table for Me — but You Should Take Advantage of It

As someone who writes about planning for retirement pretty often, I’m well aware that Social Security won’t provide enough income for me to cover my expenses. Rather, it’s on me to save for retirement so I’m able to tackle my bills without worry. To this end, I’ve always made a point to sock moneyЧитать далее
Alex Baron

Walking Storyteller Continues Historic 24,000-Mile Trek Retracing Passage of Human Ancestors Out of Africa

The Out of Eden Walk, a National Geographic-sponsored retracing of our ancestor’s slow-motion exodus from Africa, through time and countless footsteps, is finally resuming after COVID-19 closed overland borders last year. The host (or perhaps victim) Paul Salopek is a Pulitzer-winning journalistЧитать далее

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