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Alex Baron

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If You’re Receiving Social Security Benefits, Get Ready for a Record Increase in 2023

This has been a whirlwind year so far, with inflation that reached 40-year highs eating away at Americans’ savings. Inflation tends to hit senior citizens even harder since their budgets have little wiggle room, and healthcare costs tend to rise the older we get. But for Social Security recipients,Читать далее
Alex Baron

Less Than Half of Workers Think They’ll Meet Their Retirement Savings Goals. Do These Things if You Have to Catch Up

It’s not unusual to come up with a magic savings number in the course of your retirement planning — a number you think will lend to long-term financial security and the ability to enjoy your senior years to the fullest. Maybe that number is $1 million. Maybe it’s $2 million. There’s no such thingЧитать далее
Alex Baron


2 Social Security Changes That Could Benefit You in 2023 — and 1 That Might Cost You

Although Social Security has been around for many decades, the program tends to undergo changes every year. Some of those changes can be positive in nature. Others, not so much. Come 2023, things could look very different on the Social Security front. But while some of the changes we can expect areЧитать далее

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